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Filipino Arrivals @ Ellis Island

Presidents, Royalty (Muslim) & Early Arrivals
Filipino Arrivals @ Ellis Island
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Presidents, Royalty (Muslim) & Early Arrivals
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Siamese (Thai) Arrivals @ Ellis Island

Presidents of the Commonwealth of the Philippines


Manuel Luis QUEZON Sr born 8/19/1878 Baler Tayabas Philippines; died 8/1/1944 Saranac Lake New York; buried first @ Arlington Cemetery; reinterred @ Cemeterio Del Norte Manila & finally moved to the Quezon Memorial Circle Q.C. Philippines; arrived Ellis Island via Lusitania 7/13/1908 "ethnicity Spain, Spanish"; via Oceanic 8/9/1911 "U.S. citizen" notation in ship's manifest; ethnicity "Pillipines" via Aquitania 9/12/1924 w/ Sergio "Sergi" Osmena to Metropolitan Club Wash D.C.1st President of the Philippine Commonwealth; member of U.S. Congress while U.S. Resident Commissioner to the Philippine Commonwealth (1909-1916)


Sergio OSMENA Sr born 9/9/1978 Cebu Philippines; died 10/19/1961; buried Manila North Cemetery; arrived via Aquitania 9/12/1924 (w/ future 1st Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon) 2nd President of Philippine Commonwealth 1944-1946 Vice President Phil Commonwealth 1935-1944

(Notes by M.E. Embry- I erroneously identified Pres Osmena as a U.S. resident Commissioner in my Ellis Island article published by the Heritage Matters 2009)




Royalty (Muslim)


Sultan of Sulu born 1866 arrived via St. Louis 9/24/1910 from Cherbourg France “Malasian Jolu Is” Ref text manifest page 0442 & page 234(other passengers: Dato Raja Moda, 31y, Hadji P. Taher 55y, Hadji M. Faib 47y, Hadji G. Rasul 17y; Maydno Salip 27y) (“Raja Muda” prince in line of succession; “Hadji” someone who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca -notes by M.E. Embry




Early Arrivals

(the Ellis Island  opened on 1/1/1892; 1st arrivals of passengers & crew were recorded on 1/2/1892 then on 1/4/1892)


(Notes by M.E. Embry The following info is tentative and further research may uncover earlier arrivals)


Pedro SALONO born 1878 arrived via Etruria 5/7/1899; as passenger; occupation:

sailor; 21y; single; last residence Liverpool



Edilberto Faelnar Escano born 1878; died 1916; arrived 11/14/1901 via Buenos Aires; last residence Barcelona; destination NY (in the Ellis Island database as Faelnar) from the prominent Casa Escano abaca hemp empire



J. Jema arrived 6/25/1903 via Deutschland; student; going to Michigan; paid by Mrs Faxon (Carrie)


Vincente Reyes born 1870; a merchant; arrived 6/27/1903 via La Savoie


Jose P. KATIGBAK (Ketigbak in Ellis Island database) arrived via Main 9/30/1903 Civil engineer to NY going to friend Henry W. Peabody 723 Carrot St Brooklyn NY; last residence Lipa; possession $50 (notes by M.E. Embry most likely relative of Segunda Katigbak (Luz) of Lipa & Jose Rizal’s famous 1st love)


Jesus Obieta born 1880, student arrived 10/8/1903 via Aurania; last residence London; destination NY



Tomas Palmas arrived 3/28/1904 via Caracas; in U.S. before 12/8/1902


Balbino Villanueva born 1879, arrived 4/16/1904 via Campania w/ Victorina Thomas Villanueva, from London England in transit to Manila


Victorina Thomas Villanueva, born 1861; arrived 4/16/1904 via Campania w/ Balbino Villanueva from London England in transit to Manila

Pedro Sablan born 1864; arrived 5/3/1904 via Catania; destination NY

Enrique Carinela, printer; arrived 6/13/1904 via Hamburg; last residence Leipsig; destination St. Louis; in transit to the Philippines; temporarily to friend Pardo de Tavera, Exposition Grounds St Louis

Alfred Pardo de Tavera born 1888; died 8/21/1928 arrived via La Touraine 9/11/1904 w/ brother Charles “The Taft School Watertown Connecticut” (son of Dr Trinidad H. Pardo De Tavera)

Carlos “Charles” Pardo de Tavera born 1889 Manila Philippines arrived La Touraine 9/11/1904 w/ brother Alfred “student” arrived Lafayette 8/13/1924 (Notes by M.E. Embry: Carlos-son of Dr. Trinidad H. Pardo De Tavera (1857-1925) and father of Dr Mita Pardo De Tavera (1920-2007) Phil. Sect of Social Welfare)

Elias Zaragoza arrived 10/9/1904 via Hamburg; born 1884; last place of residence Paris; w/ Salvador Zaragoza (a scion of the prominent Zaragoza-Roxas family; later married Rosario Rodriquez Veloz)


Salvador Zaragoza arrived 10/9/1904 via Hamburg; born 1882; w/ Elias Zaragoza; (a scion of the prominent Zaragoza-Roxas family; last place of residence Paris; later married Carolina Tuason)



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