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Guest Page: Filipino Seamen Hostage in Somalia, Nigeria, etc

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 91 Remaining Filipino Merchant Seamen hostages on board Five ships as of 3/28/2009

***MT Bow Asir; 3/26/2009 23,000 ton chemical tanker Bahamian flagged owned by Norwegian Salhus Shipping AS was captured 250 miles off the Somali coast (15 Filipinos)


***Nipayia 3/25/2009 9,000 ton Greek-chemical tanker, owned off Somali Coast; managed by Lotus Shipping of Athens seized 450 miles off Somalia (17 Filipinos)


***Saldanha 2/22/2009; 75,500 ton mineral vessel off Somalia Coast; travelling Malaysia & Slovenia Greek flagged; (19 Filipinos) operated by Kardis Marine

***STOLT STRENGTH  11/10/2008 Gulf of Aden; a chemical tanker w/ phosphoric acid (23 Filipinos) Philippine flagged & operated

***MV Titan 3/19/2009; St. Vincent flagged ship enroute to South Korea(17 Filipinos)



1/3 of the world’s sailors or 350,000 sailors are Filipino working on all major oil tankers, luxury liners and passenger vessels

10/16/2008 statement of Philippine Vice President Noli de Castro "I want to reiterate our appeal to the international shipping companies to take extra precautionary measures and to strictly follow the directive to limit voyages to the 'safe zone' or the Maritime Security Patrol Area…multinational naval forces of US, Britain, and France among others, are patrolling and giving assistance to vessels" using this corridor…Filipinos sailing off Somalia are receiving "double hazard pay" and "are given the option to disembark from the ship should they decide not to continue with the voyage because of the risks involved."

2008 111 ships were attacked & 42 were seized (18 ships w/ 214 Filipino merchant seamen were taken hostage)

2009 as of 3/28/2009 (7 ships w/ 106 Filipino merchant seamen were taken hostage)



MT AFRICAN SANDERLING 10/15/2008 bulk carrier Panama-flagged, Japanese-operated & Korea-owned; en route from Middle East to Asia (21 Filipinos); released 1/11/2009

MV Amiya Scan 5/26/2008 Gulf of Aden; chartered by Scan-Trans Shipping; Panamanian flagged; Dutch owned (Reider Shipping BV) w/ decommissioned oil platform cargo from Kenya to Romania (5 Filipinos); released 6/24/2008 wiper Frederick Reyes, 33, of Pangasinan; able seaman Gino Titus Dario, 45, of Quezon City; able seaman Teotimo Trovela, 45, of Iloilo; ordinary seaman Mark John Manuel, 27, of Bataan; and cook Chivas Regal Collado, 30, of Makati City.


MV Avero 10/4/2008 Nigerian oil service vessel; hijacked between Port Harcourt and Bonny in the Niger Delta (5 Filipinos) released 10/8/2008; Vicente Echavez Jr; Russel Fernandez; Ernesto Mandane; Roel Jaboni; and Efren Sayre.


M/T BBC Trinidad 8/21/2008; freighter voyage from Suez Canal to Muscat Oman German-owned Beluga Shipping GmbH; Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, chemical tanker; after payment of $1.1 million (9 Filipinos) released 9/11/2008: Antonio Calubiran, 43, chief officer from Antique, seaman for 19 yrs; Mark Anthony Abalos, 32, 4th engineer, from Rizal; Honorato Sotaridona, 48, oiler, from Pasig Ryan Abarientos, 26, wiper, from Cebu; Jesus Cubil, 36,AB, from Cebu; Elmer Langaman, 29, OS, from Pangasinan; Arturo Nicolas, 43, OS, from Makati; Rodrigo Recto of Manila, 33, OS from Manila; Arnold Asuncion, 30, cook, from Bulacan

The shipping .company has 55 multipurpose vessels, half of which are manned by Filipinos. All 9 seamen will get paid vacation until they return to the ship, said Capt. Awiszut of Beluga shipping.


MT Bunga Melati Dua (#2) 8/19/2008; from Sumatra to Rotterdam; 32,025 tons palm oil-laden tanker, owned and operated by Malaysian International Shipping Corporation Berhad of Malaysia, (10 Filipinos), released 9/29/2008 seamen: Capt Romulo Buhayang (52y; seaman for 31 yrs), Ariel Obja-an, Rodolfo Buinanao Jr., Chief Engineer Benito Adecer, Macario Pacione III, Ronan Maranan, Rading Maguan, Leo Andrew Sitjar, & Eleanor Madriga; (seaman Jason Dumagat died when a pirate fired a warning shot during the hijack that hit the ceiling first; then ricocheted & hit Jason’s face)


Bunga Melati Lima (#5) 8/25/2008; Malaysian released 9/27/2008 (5 Filipinos) Eduardo Lasprillas, Aldrin Palomo, Manuel America Jr., Rhageb Salabao and Ulyseise Maguslong.; $2 million ransom reportedly paid

MV CENTAURI 9/18/2008 off Somalia; Greek owned tanker; set to discharge 17,000 tons of bulk salt in Mombasa Kenya; released 11/27/2008 (all crew 26 Filipinos)- Ship Capt. Renato Tanada, 2nd Engr. Catalino Burigsay, C/Eduardo Tanada, 3/M Arnulfo Catraje, A/O Joaquin Atienza, Carlos Abrazado, Ladelie Pancho, Eque Ogatis, Eduardo Capatar 32y, Marius Cardenas, Rafel Natividad, Rodolfo Carpio, Eduardo Limos, Jr., Reynaldo Lingatong, Jr. Dennis Ponayo, Alvin Genonangan

CHEMSTAR VENUS 11/15/2008  a chemical & oil super tanker tanker travelling from Dumai, Indonesia to the Ukraine (18 Filipinos) released 2/13/2009

AB Elson Malilay, 3/O (A) Orlando Chavez Jr, 3/O (B) Edwin Oliveros, 2/E Reynaldo Teves, 3/E Ariel Gamao, BSN Leonardo Robles Jr., PM Nolito Sendin, AB Dionel Sarabia, AB Danilo Carao, OS Ronald Bustillo, OS Joelito Tenio, OLR Jorge Carpentero, OLR Harry Taplac, OLR Andrew Geduspan, WPR Joel Abellanosa, CCK Roger F. Arroyo 46 yrs old & a seaman for over 10 yrs; MM Raul Carmona Jr., DR Jonathan Salgado. Additional Notes: Cristy Arroyo, 15y stricken w/ acute leukemia pleaded w/ the Somalian pirates to release her father-Roger  Arroyo to no avail Source: my-pa-teener-with-cancer-pleads  (update 2/13/2009 ..Roger Arroyo, whose daughter has cancer and needs an urgent bone-marrow transplant, will be sent home as soon as the vessel docks at its next harbor)

MV Delight 11/18/2008 Gulf of Aden w/ 36,000 tons of wheat to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas. (7 Filipinos) released 1/10/2009 Hong Kong-flagged cargo vessel


MV Iran Deyanat 8/21/2008 Gulf of Aden Iranian bulk carrier; owned by the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines; (2 Filipinos); released 10/2008, Sergio Paloma, 44, of Leyte province, and Reynaldo Uy Jr, 30, of Davao province

MT Irene 8/21/2008 chemical tanker; Panama flagged and operated by Japan’s Koyo Kaiaun Co. (16 Filipinos); released 10/9/2008; Noel Estrella of Iloilo, Darwin Emraca of Cavite, Pedro Mucas of Iloilo, Joey Caballero of Pangasinan, Pepe dela Cruz of Cavite, Bosn Joel Cepeda of Bacolod City, Marlon Carino of Isabela, Vicente Panopio of Batangas, Cyrus Briton of Bacolod City, Sorrton Bolas of Benguet, Esteban Abecia of Cagayan de Oro City, Edgar Asoque of Leyte, Antony Apon of Cavite, Isidro San Diego of Bulacan and Danio Labaro of Pangasinan. $1.6 million ransom reportedly paid

Le Ponant French luxury yacht 4/4/2008 Gulf of Aden; (6 Filipinos: Marisol Abalos, cabin stewardess, 25, of San Mateo, Rizal; Domingo Barayang, 2nd cook, 35, of Sta. Rosa, Laguna; Gary Caingat, waiter, 27, of Tandang Sora, Quezon City; Gilbert Glorioso, 30, of Antipolo, waiter; Alexander Hibi, utility man, 28, of Tondo, Manila; and Victor Rebanal, waiter, 35, of Polangui, Albay; helicopter-borne French troops swooped in on the pirates after they released the hostages 4/12/2008, arresting six of them. & recovering part of the ransom; $2 million ransom reportedly paid

MV Longchamp 1/29/2009 German tanker loaded with liquefied petroleum gas;  off the Horn of Africa.Bernhard southern coast of Yemen, about 60 miles (95 kilometers) from the town of al-Mukalla, the capital of the Hadramaut region;  (12 Filipinos) released 3/28/2009 Bernhard Schulte Ship management. Hamburg Abendblatt newspaper reported that a ransom  had been paid & the ship resumed its original journey from Norway to Vietnam.

MV Seal Tide 3/14/2009, oil supply boat (operated by oil services company Tidewater and was under contract to Pecten Cameroon , a joint venture in which Royal Dutch Shell owns 80 percent and Cameroon 's state oil company owns the rest) was hijacked 14 km (9 miles) from the coast of Bakassi, on the Nigeria-Cameroon border (3 Filipinos) released 3/14/2009; not known whether ransom was paid ; kidnappers belonged to the Movement for Liberation of the Niger River Delta

MV SIRIUS STAR 11/15/2008 off Kenya coast; then taken to 500 miles SE of Mombasa Kenya; a Saudi supertanker, Liberian flagged owned by Vela International Marine Ltd, the biggest ship ever hijacked w/ 2 million barrels of oil from Saudi to U.S. (valued $100 million)., (19 Filipinos); released 1/9/2009 after reportedly $3 milliom ransom paid (original demand by the pirates 25 million); 5 Somali pirates drowned with their share of ransom Abukar Haji, uncle of one of the dead pirates, blamed the naval surveillance for the accident that killed his pirate nephew "The boat the pirates were traveling in capsized because it was running at high speed because the pirates were afraid of an attack from the warships patrolling around," he said. "There has been human and monetary loss but what makes us feel sad is that we don't still have the dead bodies of our relatives. Four are still missing and one washed up on the shore, (w/ $153K in a plastic bag in his pocket); three pirates survived, but also lost their share of the ransom.. Pirate Daud Nure said. He was not part of the pirate operation but knew those involved. "Here in Haradhere the news is grim, relatives are looking for their dead," he said …G.G. Brooks of Dryad Maritime Intelligence Service Ltd, said the incident was unlikely to deter attacks "the loss or potential loss of the ransom means the pirates will be all the more keen to get the next ransom in," he said. "There are people lining up to be pirates." Source: Associated Press by MOHAMED OLAD HASSAN

(Now, I am about to make a comment about this pathetic news regarding the pirates & their mentality, but instead decided to restrain myself. Reality is indeed stranger than fiction.-M.E. Embry)


Stella Maris 7/20/2008 Gulf of Aden off Somalia cargo ship carrying lead & zinc; Japanese owned (20 Filipinos) released 9/26/2008: Mstr Ariel Villanueva, 46, of Aklan, C/M Huxley Gocolano, 36, of Iloilo, 2/M Ramonito Batan Jr., 36, of Quezon, 3/M Conrado Mangosing, 32, of Nueva Ecija, C/E Alfredo Comoda, 51, of Malabon1 A/E Juancho Gavilla, 46, of Iloilo, 2/AE Vicente Ventura, 49, of Negros Occidental, 3 A/E Carlos Roman Jr., 32, of Camarines Sur, Elect Rodulfo Lasmarias, 54, of Paranaque, BSN Joel Florendo, 39, of Quezon City, Olr/1 Panfilo Tamoso, 44, of Aklan, AB Marvin Molea, 33, of Agusan Norte, AB Michael Vedua, 38, of Rizal, Olr Reynaldo Ganzon, 38, of Capiz, Olr Norberto Nocon, 27, of Aklan, OS Riel Maglinte, 30, of Misamis Occidental, OS Jennifer Sambajon, 24, of Albay, C/CK Leo Navejas, 36, of Aklan, MSM Lorenzo Solinap, 28, of Cavite, and AB Albert Pondang, 39, of Cavite; $2 million ransom reportedly paid

MV CAPT. STEPHANOS 9/21/2008 off Somalia Greek freighter owner Chartworld Shipping Corporation (Athens) w/ cargo of coal; Bahamas flagged (17 Filipinos) released 12/8/2008: Master Rodel Arbis of Cavite, Chief Officer Audy Parrilla of Davao City, 2nd Officers Miguel Sanchez of Manila and Reynaldo dela Cruz of Quezon City, Chief Engr Leonardo Berjame of Mandaue City, 2nd Engineer Faustino Adalia of San Pablo City, 3rd Engineer Jeffrey Bolodo of Bohol, BSN Cesar dela Cuadra of Iliolo, ABs Ronnie Cabanting of Abra, Geovanne Sipalay of Bulacan and Emmanuel Torres of San Pablo City, OS James Bryan Fabie of Koronadal City and Nicolas Bation of Zamboanga del Sur, Oiler Rodrigo Parac of Leyte, E/Cdt Prudencio Asuncion Jr., CK Alfredo Paculdar Jr., and MSM Richard Garcia of Cavite Source: reporter Gloria Jane Baylon 12/10/2008

STOLT VALOR 9/15/2008 Yemeni Coast; from Suez to Mumbai; Hongkong flagged Japanese chemical tanker; released 11/16/2008; (2 Filipinos: Engineers Israel Lumpas, 28y of Tacloban & Ernesto Cuartero, 58y of Las Pinas) $1.1 ransom reportedly paid


FB TIANYU #8 11/13/2008 off Kenya a Chinese fishing boat (3 Filipinosreleased 2/9/2009; ship also called Tanyo 8

Ships & crew that evaded capture

Jasmine Ace, 13,000-ton Japanese ship en route to Mombasa, Kenya, was attacked by the pirates on 3/22/2009; 18 Pinoys aboard fought & evaded capture



MV Ching Fong Wha 168 6/2007; Taiwan flagged; (2 Filipinos); released 11/5/2007


Golden Nori 10/28/2007 off the coast of Somalia; Panamian flagged; 12,000 deadweight-tons Japanese-owned chemical tanker carrying benzene, headed for Europe; (9 Filipinos), released 12/3/2007; Captain Restituto Bulilan, Chief Officer Melchor Cayabyab, Second Officer Loreto N. Quiles, Jr.  Third Officer Raymundo Panaligan Jr., Chief Engineer Mario Ocenar, First Engineer Adelino Amparo, Second Engineer Virgilio Lotoc, Boatswain Laureano Villanueva, and Chief Cook Ismael Perez.




MT LIN 1 3/29/2006 ; oil tanker owned by Greek shipping company Akron Trade & Transport Co. off Mogadishu; United Arab Emirates-registered; Panamian flagged; (20 Filipinos); released 7/2006: Captain Pablo Buaya; Deck officers Julius Nidera and Adonnis Corales; Chief Engineer Perfecto Narciso; Engine officers Nelson Gipulla and Gil Paradero; Electrician Ricardo Somido; Pumpmen Meynard Garcia and Gregorio Ilagan; Bosun Ramier Casapao Bosun; Able bodies Ryan Solis, Ronnie Mendoza, John Alderete, Alex Genanda, and Even Acain; Fitter Rolando Cogama; Oilers Deogracia Manalo, Vicente Echavez, and Alejandre Aluag; Cook Macario Castillo


Unnamed Vessel 6/20/2006 near Port Harcourt in the Niger Delta (2 Filipinos) released 6/25/2006 Joseph Biloria Doctolero 57y of La Union & Pacifico Gajo 36y of Sorsogon; employed by Petroleum Geo Services (they are not seamen, but oil workers)




M/V Panagia Tinou 6/15/2002 Horn of Africa by Somalian pirates; Skippers United Pacific Inc, manning agency in Manila (23 Filipinos); released 7/3/2002 Timoteo Bareto (master), Salustino Llanes (chief mate), Roberto Pillado Jr. (chief engineer), Gregorio Baybay (2nd mate),Wilson Solas (2nd engineer), Edgardo Odehique (3rd mate), Santiago Abarca (3rd engineer),and Ronald Bordadora (4th engineer), deck crewmenBernarth Martinez, Dante Tanac,Onofre Graciano, Ronald Acaac, Ronito Doroteo, Ronnel Yabut, Limark Sodoy, Elyser Escares Jr. and Junald Romande; engine crewmen Manolo Vinluan, Armando Empenio, Benedick Ompad, Jose Sandy de Regia, Aniceto Mainit, and Leonardo Fernandez.  Source: Manila Bulletin 7/4/2002

Somalia's lawless coastline borders one of the world's busiest shipping lanes, which links the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean. The area is too vast to keep all ships safe & attacks have continued despite the patrols by warships from U.S., France, Germany, Britain, India and China. The U.S. Navy…announced it will head a new anti-piracy task force

Number of Somalian piracy incidents:
2004    2 
2005    35 
2006    10 
2007    58 
2008    165
Additional Sources:



Pinoy seamen biggest beneficiaries of Japanese anti-piracy escorts


10/08/2009 | 09:55 PM

At least 1,370 Filipino seafarers have benefited from two months of anti-piracy escort operations by Japan's Self-Defense Force in the Gulf of Aden, the Japanese Embassy said Thursday.

In a press statement, the embassy said that since the escorts started July 28, the JSDF has escorted 81 vessels with various national flags to protect them from pirates.

Japan was among the countries that sent a naval patrol to the Gulf of Aden in response to the wanton hijacking of merchant vessels by Somali pirates since last year.

Naval vessels of the United States, Russia, Germany and India are also patrolling the Gulf of Aden and the nearby portion of the Indian Ocean.

According to the Japanese Embassy, Japan's Maritime Bureau under MLIT is receiving applications from various maritime-related organizations/officers such as ship operators, ship owners/managers, etc. from around the world for escort assistance and safe passage of ships.

Filipinos made up the biggest number of seafarers protected by the escort services at 1,370. Of these, 722 served on Japan-affiliated vessels and 648 were on other vessels.

Second in terms of number of seafarers were Chinese (536). Next were seafarers from India (434), Korea (191), Ukraine (178), Russia (114), Myanmar (90), Bangladesh (80), Vietnam (74), and Turkey (65). Only 45 Japanese sailors were protected in the escort service.

Japan said that from Aug. 1 to 31, P-3C patrol aircraft conducted 22 flights totaling 170 hours, visually confirming 1,500 vessels and provided information to Japanese destroyers, foreign warships and commercial vessels.

From July 28 to September 30, JSDF conducted 23 escort operations on 150 vessels - an average of 6.5 vessels per escort operation.

The vessels escorted included 79 tankers, 44 general cargo ships, 11 special cargo ships, six car carriers, three LPG carriers, and one LNG carrier.

Operators of the vessels included Japan, China, Denmark, Germany, Korea, Singapore, India, UAE, Norway, US, Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Canada, Monaco, Ireland, Panama, Vietnam, Switzerland, and UK.

At least 69 of the vessels were Panama-flagged, while 23 were China-flagged. At least 12 bore the flag of Marshall, while 11 were Liberian-flagged. - GMANews.TV



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