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Filipino Arrivals @ Ellis Island

Filipino Arrival Names T
Filipino Arrivals @ Ellis Island
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Filipino Arrival Names T
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Filipinos w/ names of ships & arrival dates @ Ellis Island

Ships’crew fireman, coal passer, water tender, wiper, oiler, steward, musician, cook, waiter, mess crew

Seamen 1) OS Ordinary Seaman 2) AB Able-Bodied Seaman; skilled sailor 3) Bosun Boatswain; foreman 3rd or fourth mate

Posted in yellow highlights are the names of individuals w/ ship manifest records I was not able to examine in details and therefore need further research, although the Ellis Island Foundation had listed their ethnicities as Filipinos (Notes by M.E. Embry)


Julian TABLETON born 1895 Philippines arr via Chapaqua 1/25/1921 A.B. seaman; via Hinckley 9/11/1921 O.S. seaman

Isidro TAGALA born 1898 Philippines arr via West Eldara 2/4/1920 7/11/1921 via Harkness 7/11/1921; Cristobal “oiler discharged @ Balboa 3/31/1921”

Juan TAGLE born 1899 Philippines arr via Empress of Canada 1/25/192

Primitivo TALAOE born 1898 Philippines arr via America 3/6/1922 5/13/1922 6/17/1922 fireman wages $63.75

Domingo TALUNA born 1889 Philippines arr via Finland 6/13/1921 asst steward

Venancio TAN born 1904 Philippines arr via Kroonland 9/24/1924 crew

Filipe TANALAS born 1900 Philippines arr via Hinkley  9/11/1921 mess man

Elino TANOAN born 1902 Philippines arr via Collamer 11/11/1923 2/7/1924 3/26/1924 5/27/1924 8/6/1924 mess boy & mess man "7 Summit St Brooklyn NY"

Max TAPANLANGIT born 1887 Pontevedra Negros Philippines arr via Antonio Lopez 5/13/1913 w/ Ramon Exito; “father Esteban Rizal St” “student” “friend Wallen Ellwood Armsterdam NY

Adriano TICZON born 1900 Philippines arr via St. Paul 7/7/1922 8/10/1922 via Kroonland 8/13/1922 mess boy; 9/17/1922 via Domino 1/4/1923

Joseph TINDOG born 1901 Philippines arr via Hinckley 9/11/1921 mess boy

Ruperto TINGSON born 1897 Philippines arr via Endicott 2/9/1923

Pedro TINOCO born 1889 Philippines arr via Acropolis 11/11/1921 waiter 1/24/1922 stg waiter 4/10/1922 pantry man; via Finland 6/25/1924 "brother resident of 147 St Jackson St. San Francisco" 8/13/1924 printer

Nemesio TIONGSON born 1901 Philippines arr. via Eglantine (11/2/1923 mess boy "1st voyage") 2/27/1924 5/1/1924 6/23/1924

Agapito TJATICAN born 1899 Philippines arr via Kroonland 7/18/1923 crew

Jose TOPACIO born 4/29/1892 Cazipe ? Philippines (Capiz ? by M.E.Embry) arr via Olympic 12/22/1920

Victor TOPACIO born 3/6/1896 Imus Cavite Philippines arr via Vasari 11/19/1920 “14 West Preston St. Baltimore MD

Julian TORIS born 1890 Philippines arr via Acropolis 1/24/1922 stg waiter

Pedro TORREFRANCA born 1888 Bohol Philippines arr via Seneca 10/7/1907 w/ Nicasio Magnilan “mother Andrea Ahita of Bohol” “eccllesiastical student @ St. Mary’s College Belmont NC “ (now Belmont Abbey College Gaston County; Father Pedro Torrefranca, parish priest @ Our Lady of Light Parish Poblacion Loon Bohol 5/8/1960-1962 -M.E. Embry)

Benjamin “Ben” TORRES born 1899 Philippines arr via Santa Cecilia 3/3/1920 via Somme 2/3/1921 via Manchuria 8/13/1921 via Kroonland 7/30/1924

Ramon TUANGTUANG born 1890 Philippines arr via S.B. Hunt 9/22/1924

Pablo TUPAS born 1/15/1898 Manilla, Philippines; arr via Mongolia 5/13/1920 "Union Headquarters Portland, Oregon w/ Nicolas Billardis

Tomas TUPAS born 2/15/1899 Philippines arr via Cameronia 12/25/1921 crew member

Vicente TUPAS born 1894 Philippines arr via Frieda 8/3/1921 mess boy; via Mount Clinton 6/13/1922 9/5/1922 wiper; 10/17/1922 11/28/1922 1/11/1923 2/23/1923 5/15/1923 7/2/1923 8/7/1923 via Kroonland 7/10/1922

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