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Filipino Arrivals @ Ellis Island

Introduction page 2

Filipino Arrivals @ Ellis Island
Introduction page 2
Filipinos @ Ellis Island Oral History Project
Untold Stories of Ellis Island
Presidents, Royalty (Muslim) & Early Arrivals
Filipino Arrival Names A-B
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Ellis Island Ships w/ Filipino Crew
Genealogy: Ellis Island Filipinos
Phil. Colonial Personalities Arrival @ Ellis Island
Historical Notes
Guest Page #1: Seamen OFWs
Guest Page #2: Seamen OFWs
Guest Page: Filipino Seamen Hostage in Somalia, Nigeria, etc
Filipino Arrivals @ Angel Island
East Indian Arrivals @ Ellis Island
Chinese Arrivals @ Ellis Island
Japanese Arrivals @ Ellis Island
Korean Arrivals @ Ellis Island
Siamese (Thai) Arrivals @ Ellis Island

“Identification with our nation’s history will foster assimilation and participation in common goals that promote good citizenship and civic involvement”

This is a genealogical website for the Pilipinos, who came to the United States through the Ellis Island in New York.


The inspiration for this website came from an article of Ms. Cristina DC Pastor that was published in the Philippine News on December 8, 2004 titled:


Wanted: A Filipino 'processed' at the Ellis Island


The article asked this- 


That of more than twelve million immigrants who had entered the United States through Ellis Island- not one was a Filipino?


The article, also quoted Dr. Janet Levine of the Ellis Island Oral History Project, that Filipinos may not figure prominently in the wave of immigrants that swarmed Ellis Island from the late 1800s to the 1950s and that the explanation for this, has to do with geography. Filipinos from an Asian country located in the Orient would understandably enter the United States from a West Coast port like Hawaii and that the first batch of immigrants from the Philippines landed in Hawaii in 1906 to work in agricultural lands.


But, then we, the Pilipinos ask you these- 


Had geography deterred Spain in the 1500's to man her galleon ships that plied from Manila to Acapulco for two hundred fifty years with able-bodied seafaring Indios from the Philippines?


Had geography deterred Pilipinos and other people from Asia in sailing to the western, eastern, northern and southern shores of far-away lands?


Ms. Levine further stated in the article that many ethnicities have come forward with their Ellis Island stories, but "there is no Filipino".


This website now proudly comes forward, proud as our ancestors had come and gone to these shores, as one of the many, in this "Nation of Immigrants".


And who are we?


We are the mariners, the seamen, the seafarers, working in the ships that brought your ancestors-the immigrants to Ellis Island from the old European world to the new world of the Americas. We also carried and supplied the United States overseas military troops, sailed under fire and death is our fate when enemies sank our ships in times of war.


We are the soldiers who answered your call, fought and shed our blood for United States' cause.


We are the Presidents of the Philippine Commonwealth, the Pilipino members of the U.S. Congress, the diplomats, the civil employees, in quest for our country's freedom, nurturing our new government, so we may unshackle the chains that bind us anew to another colonial ruler of our native land.


We are the pensionados, the students, the businessmen eager to learn new crafts and culture that we may bring them home to our people.


We are the Malays, the Moros, the Tsinoys, the Kastilaloy-Indios, the Amboys, the Pinoys, the Pinays and other people representatives of our valiant East-West nation.


For those of you, who wondered that if somehow, somewhere out there was a Pilipino who had entered United States passing through the "Gateway to America," wonder no more, because-


We are the Pilipinos and Pilipinas'processed' at Ellis Island


We, like people from the other nations, had passed thru the "Magnificent Statue of Liberty"


Additional Notes by M.E. Embry:

The Ellis Island ship manifest form mandated by law for completion by the ship captain has the following List of Races or Peoples:


Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and East Indians


Separate category for Filipinos does not exist & ship captains were listing Filipinos under the East Indians, Pacific Islander and other categories. Description written in by ship captains for Filipinos are  Filopino, Philippino, Phillipino, Philopino, Philipines, U.S. or Spanish citizen, Mulatto, Malayan, Mongolian, etc.
Some of the Ellis Island ship manifests are colorful source of information about individuals not only of birthdata, family, destination, but also about tattoos, weights, heights, etc.

Please visit our websites:
for the arrival in Ellis Island of Japanese, Chinese, East Indians, Koreans and Thais


Primary Source:




Secondary Sources:

(website of Mr. Nestor P. Enriquez, online historian)

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Filipino Arrivals @ Angel Island
Filipino Seamen Hostage in Somalia
Filipino Seamen OFW

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Jose Garcia Villa
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