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Filipino Arrivals @ Ellis Island

Filipino Arrival Names A-B

Filipino Arrivals @ Ellis Island
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Filipinos w/ names of ships & arrival dates @ Ellis Island

Ships’crew fireman, coal passer, water tender, wiper, oiler, steward, musician, cook, waiter, mess crew

Seamen 1) OS Ordinary Seaman 2) AB Able-Bodied Seaman; skilled sailor 3) Bosun Boatswain; foreman 3rd or fourth mate

Posted in yellow highlights are the names of individuals w/ ship manifest records I was not able to examine in details and therefore need further research, although the Ellis Island Foundation had listed their ethnicities as Filipinos (Notes by M.E. Embry)



Sahat A..BETS born 1895 Philippines arr via Tacoma 5/22/1924 “Philipino, Spanish” sailor

Phillip AANOSS born 1901 Philippines arr via Pres Van Buren 9/26/1922 asst. mess; 10/31/1922 12/5/1922 Engr mess

Allanca AARGIPET born 1899 Philippines arr via Washington Maru 3/27/1921 AB sailor “Philippine”


Alejo Abad  4/5/1923 via Pres Polk


Beroncio Abad  2/12/1920 via Putnam

Claudio Abad  6/11/1918 via Socony

A. ABADE born 1889 Philippines arr via Pres Van Buren10/31/1922 asst mess “wages $50”

Modesto ABAGAT born 1898 Philippines arr via Pres. Roosevelt 8/3/1923 9/6/1923 10/3/1923 11/16/1923; via Southern Cross 1/21/1924 3/18/1924 5/12/1924 7/9/1924 9/1/1924; via America 9/7/1924 10/9/1924

Francisco ABANAN born 1890 Antique, Philippines arr via Cameronia 12/25/1921; via America 3/6/1925 5/13/1922 6/17/1922 Fireman “wages $57.50”; via West Cherow 8/8/1922; via Eastern Glade 9/29/1922 via Southern Cross 1/21/1924 3/18/1924; via Western Glen 10/17/1924  name listed as Abanae, Abanas, Fraancisco ( same person ?-Social Security 126-12-9103  Francisco Abanan 12/5/1890-2/1965 issued NY last residence Florida)

Julian ABARRO born 6/10/1888 Iba, Zambales, Philippines arr via Orion 6/10/1918 "crew of s/s Mauban, taken over by U.S. Shipping Board, crew returned by U.S. Consul @ Seville, Spain"


Mahamed Abas 5/29/1924 via Benedict

Rosa E.S. Abaya born 1895 arr via Pres Wilson 5/1/1923 last place of residence 75 Holland St. N. Bedford Mass (Re: manifest "husband @ Candon, Filipinas naturalization papers #00783 consulate St. Michaels 4/9/1923)

Victorino ABAYA born 3/16/1897 Candon, Philippines arr via George Washington 12/8/1921 "stowaway" "address in U.S. National Navy Club 15 41st St NY NY"; post Ellis Island “ Victorino Guia Abaya born 3/16/1896 Philippines died 8/8/1942 Solano County California WW11 Veteran ship cook2 USN buried Golden Gate Cemetery California

Ahmeth ABDUL born 1886 Philippines; arr via Masconomo 5/3/1924 “Phillipino”

Bruno Fendit ABELITA born 1897 Philippines arr via Pipestone County 10/21/1923 2nd C&B address  41-45 Sand St. Brooklyn N.Y. 1/10/1924, 2nd cook

Emeterio ABELLA born1882 Nueva Caceres, Philippines arr via Manuel Calvo 7/11/1911 "nationality: Philippine; Race: Spanish; occupation: proprietary; w/ Franchanco, Pedro; mother__ Isaac" “going to American Hotel 15th New York

Angel ABENA born 1900 Philippines arr via Sangamon 9/15/1923 mess boy; “small scar center forehead”; via Nobles 7/21/1924 2nd cook “7 yrs service”


Duonicio ABEUELLA arr via Belgic 1/16/1919 fireman “Philllipine”

Deionicios Abenilla 11/9/1918 via Baltic Dionilio Abernilla 10/2/1918 via Belgic

Dionico Abinillo 8/1/1917 via Minnesota

F. ABILLO arr via Waukegan 9/6/1923 fireman “ethnicity: P.I.”


Mar Abin arr via Tacoma 5/22/1924


Muh Abis arr via Massasoit 12/30/1923

Leandro ABISTANA born 1890 Philippines arr via Oceanic 11/17/1909 “student; steerage passenger; brother: Vincent Cebu Philippines” “destination: Indiana

Florintino ABLAO born 8/16/1884 Philippines arr West Eldara 2/4/1920, 2nd cook “res: 91 Maypatio St. Manila Philippines” “tattoo left arm”

Sabino Ablinda arr via Yapalaga 12/12/1920

E. Abodilis arr Scottsburg 6/19/1923

Daniel ABOGADIE born 1892 Philippines arr via Chicago 6/15/1917; via Minnekahda, ship's cook 6/19/1921 7/31/1921 9/12/1921 10/22/1921 11/23/1921
1/15/1922 3/1/1922 4/9/1922 5/17/1922 6/21/1922 7/26/1922 6/5/1923 6/25/1923 7/11/1923 8/15/1923 9/18/1923 10/25/1923 12/1/1923
1/3/1924 2/6/1924 3/12/1924 4/15/1924 7/29/1924 9/3/1924 10/7/1924; via Mongolia 3/21/1923; via Kroonland 6/12/1924 also listed as Daniel V. Abogadie

Manuel ABOGADIE born 1889 Philippines; arr via Minnekahda 7/29/1924 ship's cook “wife Paula 137 Muhlen St. Hamburg” “Abogadio”

Pedro ABRICO born 6/7/1885 Antique, Philippines arr via America 9/8/1920 yeoman; via Vasari 11/19/1920; via Finland fireman 6/13/1921 7/18/1921 8/21/1921 9/25/1921 11/7/1921 1/4/1922 2/6/1922 3/14/1922 4/17/1922 5/22/1922 6/25/1922 7/31/1922 9/3/1922 10/8/1922 11/13/1922 12/31/1922; “47 Sand St Brooklyn NY

Daniel Abreio arr via Sagaporack 5/19/1920

Carroti Abruntilla arr via Hinkley 3/20/1921

Leon Absob arr via Bolivar 11/7/1922

Zacarias ACALA born 1895 Tacloban, Philippines  arr via The New York 10/22/1917 mess boy "reship as fireman"; via The Trecare 6/26/1918 11/22/1918 fireman via Pres. Van Buren 7/18/1922 (8/22/1922 fire mess) 9/26/1922 10/31/1922 fire mess 12/5/1922 1/10/1923 (firemen mess boy); via Southern Cross 7/11/1922 dishwasher; via Pres Polk 3/1/1923 4/5/1923 5/9/1923 mess boy; via America  3/6/1922 5/13/1922 address 25 South St. NY NY also listed as Joa..ris, Zacaria, Zacharia; Acola

Tomas ACOMPADO born 1895 Philippines arr via Sinasta 12/5/1921 mess man; arr via Dryden 9/17/1922 mess boy; arr via Half Moon 5/10/1923 also listed as Thomas Acampado

Jose ACANAS born1903 Philippines arr via Leviathan 6/10/1924

L. Acavili arr Steel Exporter 2/4/1921


Emilio R Aclavo arr via Escoda 12/3/1920 Enilio Aclaro arr Acme 7/11/1921


C.R. Aconing arr M.S. Tancarville 8/20/1920


Emerito ACOP born 4/22/1897 Manila, Philippines arr via Canada 8/9/1920; via New York 10/12/1920 fireman; via Eastern Admiral 12/28/1921, fireman; via Eglantine fireman 4/3/1923  6/10/1923 8/19/1923 11/2/1923 12/30/1923 2/27/1924 5/1/1924 6/23/1924 8/21/1924 “25 South St. NY” also listed as E. Acop, Emeritero, Emetrio

Aquilino O. ACOSTA arr via Ecuador 4/10/1924 Bandsman; via Leviathan musician 11/10/1924 musician 12/2/1924 “father: Alfonso Tondo, P.I.”

John Acolonza arr via Mount Clinton 8/9/1921

Joaquin Acotanza born1899 Philippines arr via Mount Clinton 11/28/1922 Joaquin ACCTANZA arr 2/23/1923 wiper,  Jaquin Acotanza arr 3/22/1922,

Tirso Acuna arr via Finland 6/25/1924

Abelino ADAMA born 11/13/1881 Philippines arr via Susana 10/2/1918; Canopic 2/19/1919 also listed as Abetino Ad   a, Abelinn, Avelino arrived via America, 3/6/1922 5/13/1922; via Finland 6/25/1922; via Ceramic 11/18/1918

Catalino ADASA born 1895 Philippines; arr Washington Maru 3/27/1921; "A.B. sailor hired 12/17/1920"; Cataleno arr via West Cheraw 5/20/1923 (post Ellis Island SSN 120-12-5286 issued NY for a Catalino Adasa; born 2/13/1896; died 6/1969; last address: Philippines-same person?)

Julian ADAZA born 5/5/1898 Philippines arr via W.M. Burton steward 1/4/1919 (address 108 Park Ave NY NY);  3/5/1919 4/7/1919; via Kermoor steward 9/1/1919 12/16/1919; post Ellis Island: 1930  Manhattan NY District 593; census occupation: magician theatre “Sc R corner”

Homet Addin arr via Cuthbert 3/26/1923

Pedro ADENIZ born 1877 Philippines; arr Pampa 8/12/1917 fireman

Adasa Adestalina arr via Washington Maru 3/27/1921

Marcellino Admirol arr via Santa Cecilia 12/5/1920

Nicolas ADONIS born 1900 Philippines arr via Liberty 11/13/1923 “7 Summit St. Brooklyn NY” 1/21/1924 mess boy “47 Sand St. Brooklyn NY” 3/22/1924


Jose B Adra arr via Sant Ana 2/12//1924; Joseph ADRA 1899 Philippines; arr Santa Ana 4/7/1924 asst steward; 6/2/1924 bedroom steward


Jose Adumcula arr Southern Cross 9/4/1922


C. Adusa arr West Cherow 3/6/1923


A. ADVINCULA born 1881 Philippines arr via Reginolite 3/29/1920 cook

Lucrecio M. ADVINCULA born1896 Philippines arr Collamer 11/11/1923 2/7/1924 steward 3/26/1924 5/27/1924 8/26/1924 10/9/1924; residence #7 Summit St. Brooklyn NY; also listed Lucrescio, Lucretia Advinoula

Jose Africa arr via Rotterdam 5/31/1919

Cayetano AGUAS born 1899 Philippines arr via M.S. Tancarville 8/20/1920; via The Eastern Cloud 5/29/1922 mess boy

Basilio AGUILAR born1890 Philippines arr via Alicante 8/6/1918 2/24/1919; also listed as Basilio Aguilar Cabal arrived 12/11/1918 7/1/1918 3/5/1919

Ernest (Argular) AGUILAR, a cabin waiter born 1902 Philippines arr via Selandia 2/2/1919 from Manila; with Philippine Gov Gen Francis Burton Harrison

Leo Aguilar arr via Cedric 10/1/1918

Marcos AGUILAR born1891 Batangas, Philippines arr via Montserrat 11/1/1918 "in NY before" "passage pd by Compania General Tabacos de Filipinas" brother  Pedro, resident of Manila
(Notes by Maria Embry Source- Compania General Tabacos de Filipinas, AKA Compania de Filipinas or CdF -founded 1881 office @ 109 Las Lambras Barcelona, a historic building; factory @ La Flor, Isabela, Phil)


Pedro Aguilar arr via Esperanza de LLarinaga 8/16/1920


Ceferino Aguilla arr Editor 12/10/1922

Sixto AGUINALDO born 1897 Philippines arr Endicott 2/9/1923 2nd cabin; listed as Sixta Aginaldo

Tomon  AGUINO born 1903 Philippines arr via Crook 1/14/1922

Antolin AGUIRRECHEA born 9/2/1866 Andarros, Vizcaya, Spain a resident of Manila Philippines; arr via Orion 6/10/1918 "crew of s/s Mauban, taken over by U.S. Shipping Board, crew returned by U.S. Consul @ Seville, Spain"

Pedro Agute arr via Minnekahda 7/8/1918

Florintino Ahloa arr via West Eldara 2/4/1920

J.P. Ahkoa arr via Missourian 4/7/1923

Salay Bin AHOPE born1899 Philippines arr via Masconomo 5/3/1924 5/27/1924

P.O. AIRDFALL born1901 Philippines arr via Leviathan 4/28/1924

David AIRLES born 1889 Philippines arr via Reliance 8/17/1923 wiper 9/141923 11/9/1923 12/12/1923 2/2/1924 4/25/1924

Alis Ajani arr via Lebore 4/17/1924

Narciso Ajiso arr via Capillo 2/7/1924

Lorenzo Ajon arr via Canopic 4/11/1924 listed Lorizo arr via Eastern Queen 3/23/1920

Jose AKANAS born 1903 Philippines; arr via Leviathan 6/10/1924

S. ALAG born1896 Philippines arr via Intan 1/29 1921 chief cook

Alfred Alam arr via Lake Winthrop 12/24/1922

Alfredo ALANO born 12/25/1898 Philippines arr via The Mundelta 2/20/1922; via West Hesseltine 5/19/1923 mess boy; via Southern Cross 8/7/1923 10/2/1923 via Manchuria 2/20/1924

Catalino ALANO arr via City of Berkeley 4/17/1921; via Cathlamet 2/26/1923; via Bibbco 7/25/1924; via West Aldara 12/11/1924; arr via Editor 9/28/1923 also listed as Alama, Alana C.Z, Catalaino

Juan S. ALANO born 1891 Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines arr via Montevideo 6/10/1911, a stenographer; arr via Endicott 2/9/1923 2nd cabin

Martin Alano arr via Empress of Canada 6/25/1924

Benito Albaneg arr via Baracoa 5/5/1923 5/31/1923

Theodoro Albers arr Sangamon 3/11/1923; also listed Theo arr 6/1/1923

Theodore ALBOR born 1894 Philippines arr via Pres Van Buren 12/4/1923

Gerardo ALCALA born 1901 Philippines arr via Kroonland 7/18/1923 crew

Angel Aldane arr via Sangamon 3/11/1923

Charles Aldane arr via Sangamon 3/11/1923

Joseph ALDE…A born 1898 Philippines arr via Heffron 2/21/1923

Nick Aleala arr via Olen 7/18/1924

Amanda (SARGENT) ALEGRE "Aimee" born 1888 New York, N.Y. arr via Monserrat 8/12/1914 w/ husband & son

Juan Bautista ALEGRE born1882 Sorsogon, Philippines;  arr via Arabic 12/4/1903; arr via Etruria 9/10/1904 manifest line #0001 page 98 "Philippine Island student destination Grand Union Hotel NY"  arr via Teutonic 2/2/1905 “student Yale University”; arr. via Monserrat 8/12/1914 32y, w/ wife & son; “New Haven before” (Notes by M.E. Embry: New Haven-Yale CT); member Philippine Senate, 1920; 1922-1928; one of the financiers of Philippine Herald newspaper; deceased before 1934 (Source:

Narciso ALEGRE born 1912 Sorsogon, Philippines arr via Monserrat 8/12/1914 w/ parents

Martiney Aleiandao arr via Kofuku Maru 3/6/1921

Raimundo ALFANTE born 3/15/1899 Maasin, Leyte, Philippines arr via Orion 6/10/1918 "crew of s/s Mauban, taken over by U.S. Shipping Board, crew returned by U.S. Consul @ Seville, Spain"

Vincent ALFONDOSO born 1896 Philippines arr via Bensalem 7/24/1921

Pablo ALFONSO born 1896 Philippines; arr via Malden 5/22/1919; arr Manchuria 6/10/1920 6/23/1920 11/24/1920 “capt servant” 2/20/1921 2/261921 5/23/1921 12/21/1921 5/24/1922 6/27/1922 8/1/1922 9/5/1922 10/10/1922 3/11/1923 8/29/1923 9/10/1924; arr via Finland 2/6/1922 3/14/1922
(78 entries for a P. Alfonso in the Ellis Island, other entries are for a P. Alfonso, Italian 36y-M.E.Embry)

Juan ALGADO born 1901 Philippines arr via West Eldara 4/28/1924; Algaco

Ahmed Ali arr via Saint Stephen 9/15/1917

Hamid Ali arr via Cuthbert 3/26/1923 via Benedict 6/1/1923 via Massasoit 11/6/1923 12/1/1923 via Tacoma 5/22/1924 6/26/1924

Mat Ali arr via Cuthbert 3/26/1923 via Benedict 6/1/1923 5/29/1924via Alban 9/4/1923 11/22/1923

Agapito Alianza arr via Drumeltan 2/2/1920

Vincent Alienza arr via New York 2/2/1917

Malies Alios arr via Saint Stephen 9/10/1918

Apolonar Alisasis arr via M.S. Tancarville 8/20/1920

Francesco Alit arr via Endicott 2/17/1924

Matteo Alit arr Montauk 7/8/1924 Mano Alit arr via Susquehanna 6/2/1922

Emile Alita arr via Domino 10/7/1923

Calletano ALMANDARI arr via Patrick Henry 1/28/1924 42y oiler; “ethnicity Philippine” (... A...ri, 44y, arr. Patrick Henry 10/25/1924 ethnicity Philipine)

Erneste M. ALMAZON born 1898 Philippines arr via Sinasta 12/5/1921

Lorenzo Almanzor arr West Eldara 4/28/1924

Antonio Almeda arr via Duilio 11/9/1923

Pedro ALMEIDA born 2/3/1900 San Pedro Laguna Philippines arr via Vasari 11/19/1920 “47 Sands St. Brooklyn NY

Tomas Almirante arr via Innoko 3/28/1924 via Westerner 2/28/1923 7/12/1923

E. Almomia arr Bosworth 2/19/1920 E. Almonia arr via East Indian 10/13/1919

Emeterio ALMONIA born 1887 Philippines arr via Minnesota 8/29/1918 via East Indian 2/22/1920 5/20/1920 10/13/1921 via Belgic 9/21/1920 via Montauk 12/13/1921; Finland 10/10/1923 also listed Erneterio Almenia

Ernestino ALMONIA born 1887 Philippines; arr Aledo 5/21/1919

Andres ALONGCO born 1898 Philippines arr via Sagaporack  5/19/1920 via Pres Van Buren 10/31/1922

A. ALONSO born 1893 Philippines arr via West Cawthon 8/15/1923

Marcos ALPARA born 1890 Philippines; arr Eastern Admiral 3/1/1921 fireman

Ramon ALTONAGA born 1898 Philippines arr via Saxonia 5/30/1919; “resident of Manila

Salvador ALONTAGA born 1903 Philippines arr via Pres Van Buren 9/26/1922 10/31/1922

Santiago ALONTAGA arr via Pres Fillmore 8/19/1922

A. Alonzeo arr via Sagaporack 6/4/1921; A Alonzio 10/5/1920

Jacinto Alonzo arr via Finland 10/10/1923

Marcos Alpara arr Eastern Admiral 3/1/1921

Pablo Alphonso arr via Finland 3/14/1922

Alfred ALVAREZ born1902 Manila Philippines arr via Walter Luchenbach 6/30/1921 oiler; via S.B. Hunt 9/22/1924 10/1/1924 mess boy

Remigio ALVAREZ born 8/1/1894 Philippines arr via Katherine 5/3/1920, waiter

Hais AMAD born 1896 Philippines arr via Cuthbert 3/26/1923 via Massasoit 11/6/1923 12/1/1923 via Sequoya 6/3/1924 8/3/1924

Alipio AMANTE born 8/15/1890 Philippines arr via Susana 10/2/1918 fireman; via Lake Orange  5/30/1919 10/14/1919; via Walmer Castle 12/21/1918; via Inca 2/4/1921

Amid AMAR born1899 Philippines arr via Sequoya 10/14/1924

Onesimo AMIDO born1884 Philippines arr via Eglantine 6/10/1923; via West Eldara 4/28/1924 9/20/1924

Juan AMO born 1876 Philippines arr via Finland 6/13/1921 9/25/1921 1/4/1922 2/6/1922 10/8/1924 10/26/1924; also John

Fernando Cueto AMORSOLO (C.Amorsolo, Fernando in Ellis Island database) born 5/30/1892 Philippines; died 1972 Philippines arr via Buenos Aires 9/16/1919 (Source: ship manifest 26y, artist painter; last residence 82 Serrano St. Madrid; destination Hotel Martinique; 4 months w/ Teodoro Yanco) other reference by M.E. Embry:

Eusebio ANASTACIO born Philippines arr via Argon 6/6/1922 mess man “tattoo name left arm”; 8/20/1922 11/5/1922 via Endicott 2/9/1923 mess boy

Atanacio ANDRADE born 1891 Philippines arr via Loretta 9/15/1921 mess boy

Teodoro ANDRADE born 1901 Philippines arr via Leviathan 6/9/1924 7/1/1924 "crew musician" “father Bruno of Calbayog Samar” 11/10/1924 12/2/1924

Hilario ANOUAT born 1899 Philippines arr via Finland (9/6/1923 mess man) (10/101923)

Pasbeio ANTALEN born 1897 Philippines arr via Sagaporack 5/19/1920 crew

Sabino APAULINOR born 1897 Philippines arr via Finland 6/13/1921 asst steward

Clement AQUINO born 1901 Philippines arr via Independence 6/25/1924

Roman AQUISAP born 2/28/1902 Philippines arr via Katherine 5/3/1920 waiter

Victor ARANA born 3/20/1894 Philippines arr via St.Paul 3/3/1916 w/ Demetrio Galang "claims unknown"

Rufino ARANIAGO born 6/30/1892 San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines arr via Orion 6/10/1918 "crew of s/s Mauban, taken over by U.S. Shipping Board, crew returned by U.S. Consul @ Seville, Spain"

Graciano ARAPA born 1896 Philippines arr via Kroonland 8/13/1922 wiper 9/17/1922

Juan ARCEO born 1/15/1889 Philippines arr via Katherine 5/3/1920 seaman

Nic ARCEO born 1899 Philippines arr via Kroonland 8/13/1922 mess boy; Kroonland arr 9/17/1922 “deserted @ Antwerp”

Marciano ARCIAGO born 12/29/__ arr.via Katherine 5/3/1920 wiper

Celestino ARINO born 1898 Philippines; arr via Monserrat 11/1/1918 resident of Binondo, Manila Phil; via Minnekahda 6/19/1921 mess man

Marcelino ARROYO born1881 Mandalagan, Negros Island Philippines arr via Montserrat 11/1/1918 ( Madalagan Negros Occ, Mandalagan Bacolod City Philippines; Negros Occidental home of Arroyo in-laws of Phil. Pres. Gloria M. Arroyo notes by Maria Embry


Roman Arroyo 1921

Dionisio ASEJO born 2/14/1896 Philippines arr via Katherine 5/3/1920 seaman

Eleaterio ASENCIO born 1879 Philippines arr via Leviathan 11/10/1924 musician “daughter Eduarda Leyte” 12/2/1924


John Assan 1923 \


Vicente Asuncion 1919 1920 1921 1922 also Vincent, Vincente, Ascunion, Ascunsiom

Victorino AYOSA born Philippines; arr Western Scout 11/21 1923 coal passer “mother Clementa; wages $60”




Teodoro Bacardo 1921 1922 also Theo Teodore, Theodoro Bacarda Bacardi

Eulogio BADAGUAS born 1897 Philippines; arr via Naugus 12/11/1921 mess boy; via Finland 3/14/1922 4/17/1922 5/22/1922 wiper; 6/25/1922 7/31/1922 4/3/1923 9/6/1923 9/26/1923 wiper 10/10/1923; via Mongolia 2/16/1923

Ambro BADILLA born 1892 Philippines; arr via Sinasta 12/5/1921 chief cook

Bernabe BADILLA was born 1893 Philippines arr via Dryden 7/17/1922 steward

Quintin BAER born 1903 Philippines arr via Manchuria 11/24/1920 2/26/1921 mess man 4/4/1921 5/23/1921 8/13/1921 9/26/1921 11/5/1921 12/21/1921

Anselmo BAJAR born 1891 Philippines; arr via Vincent 2/22/1924

Emilio BANAAG born 1900 Philippines arr Coloma 1/16/1920 oiler; via Naugus 3/25/1921 12/11/1921 oiler; via Finland 4/3/1923 "signed on @ N.Y rep.206" 6/27/1923 9/6/1923 10/10/1923 1/30/1924 3/19/1924 5/7/1924 8/13/1924 10/8/1924 11/26/1924

Nicasio BANAAG born 1899 Philippines arr via Acropolis 1/24/1922 waiter; 5/22/1922 6/25/1922 wiper 7/31/1922 9/3/1922

Nicolas BANAAG born 1901 Philippines arr via Acropolis 11/11/1921 waiter; via Santa Teresa 12/3/1923

Domingo BANARES born 1866 Philippines arr via Finland 6/13/1921 oiler; 1922

B. BANAYAD born 1892 Philippines arr via Kermoor 12/16/1919 mess man “cataract R eye; Sc on fhd”

Juan BANES born 1881 Philippines arr via Lake Yelverton 7/17/1920 crew

Vivencio BANTILER born 1899 Philippines arr via Kroonland 7/18/1923 crew

Astanialas BANTOG born 1892 Philippines arr via St. Paul 6/11/1917 w/ Dela Coucha, Santiago" "address: Philippino Boarding House Brooklyn N.Y. Sun St.

Ernesto BANTOG arr via Mount Clay 5/28/1923 crew; via Pres Arthur 4/28/1925

Stanley BANTOG born 1895 Philippines; arr via Mount Clay 7/9/1923 fireman; via Kroonland 7/18/1923 fireman 8/22/1923; via Finland 9/6/1923 wiper 10/10/1923 wiper "deserted @ Hamburg, GY 9/25/1923")

J. BARAUGAYA born Philippines arr via Wheaton 8/20/1921 mess boy; “wife Felisa Pasig Manila Philippines; wages $50”

H. BARBASO born Philippines arr via Western Scout 11/21/1923 coal passer; “wages: $60; last residence Cebu; mother Antonia”

Feliciano BAREINAS born 1894 Camarines, Philippines; arr via Montevideo 5/11/1912 "servant of #1-3 dis @ pier" (Notes by Maria Embry-passenger #2 Jose Rivas 18y; passenger #3 Jaime Rivas, 3y of Balcares, Spain")

Roque BARIENTOS born 1904 Philippines arr via Kroonland 9/26/1923 mess man

T. BARIENTOS born Philippines; arr 11/21/1923 S.S. Western Scout coal passer; “wages $60; mother:Esperanza; Lati, P.I. (Leyte?-notes M.E. Embry)

Miguel BARILA born 1890 Philippines arr via Finland 6/13/1921 mess man; 1922

Juan BARON born 1896 Philippines arr via Kroonland 7/18/1923 crew 1922 1924

Alfonso C. BARREDO born 1902 Philippines; arr via Carolinian 6/9/1923 AB sailor

Manuel BARREDO born 1901 Philippines arr via Manchuria 7/24/1923 plate washer 8/29/1923

Diosdado BARRIENTOS arr via Western Scout 11/21/1923, coal passer

Marcelo Bartolome 1920 1921 1922 1923 also Bartholme, Marcello, Marsels, M.

Bazwald M- Mendel 1922 also Baswald1922


Victor Basilan 1924, also Basilau

Siberio BASILLO born 1899 Philippines arr via Lake Yelverton 7/17/1920; also Severns; Sibero 1921 1922 1924

Odon BASQUEZ born 1897 Philippines; arr via America 5/13/1922 coal passer 6/17/1922 7/9/1923 9/3/1923; also Adon, Oden

Pablo Bass, also Paul, Bas 1922 1923 1924


Nicolas Bastes 1922 1924, also Nicholas, Nick, Nickolas


Evaristo R Battle 1906

Enrique BAUTISTA born 1901 Philippines; arr via Finland 6/25/1924 8/13/1924 10/8/1924 asst.3rd steward; “mother Consuelo- Manila

Juan BAUTISTA born 1896 Philippines; arr via Montserrat 11/1/1918; also 1923

Marcelino Bautista 1922 1923 1924 also Marceline, Marcellino

Martin BAYKORANE born 1890 Philippines arr via Lake Yelverton 7/17/1920 crew

Marcos BAZAYA born 1896 Philippines arr via Walter A. Luckenbach 6/30/1921 oiler

Candido Belarmino 1920 1922 1923 1924; also Candito


V. Belladinas 1920; also W. Belladinas 1921

Cristopher BELLAFLOR born 1899 Philippines arr via Kroonland 9/26/1923

Vincente BELLARAN born 1900 Philippines arr via Finland, fireman  6/13/1921 7/18/1921 8/21/1921 9/25/1921 11/7/1921 1/4/1922 2/6/1922  4/17/1922 water tender  5/22/1922 oiler 6/25/1922 7/31/1922 9/3/1922 10/8/1922 11/13/1922 12/31/1922 4/3/1923 3/19/1924 5/7/1924 6/25/1924 8/13/1924 10/8/1924; also Vicent, Vincent, Vicente

Cristobal BELLAROSA born 1900 Philippines arr via Finland 6/13/1921 wiper via Kroonland 7/18/1923 8/22/1923 9/24/1924; also listed Belarosa, Christobal, Cristobel, (5) trips in 1922

A…ano Bellegas 1923

Bellegas, Awrtiaar 1922


Bellegas, Adriano 1923 also listed Bellegos

Anton BELLEGAS born 1893 Philippines arr via Acropolis 11/11/1921 mess man

S. BELMONTE born 1882 Philippines; arr via America 8/20/1921

Fabian A. Beltran 1921; also Beltram 1920

Antero BERGADO born 1887 Philippines; arr via America, asst officer's mess 9/8/1920 8/20/1921 9/22/1921 10/24/1921 11/26/1921 12/23/1921 1/30/1922 3/6/1922 11/4/1922 via Manchuria 8/13/1921

Antonio BERGADO born 1887 Philippines; arr via America deck mess man 7/22/1922 8/15/1922 9/30/1922 11/4/1922 12/9/1922 1/13/1923 2/19/1923

Ernabe BERNABE born 7/4/1895 Philippines arr Canopic 2/19/1919 crew

Domingo BERNANES born 1865 Philippines arr via Finland 7/18/1921 8/21/1921 oiler

Alfredo BERNARD born 11/4/1889 Iloilo, Philippines arr via Orion 6/10/1918 "crew of s/s Mauban, taken over by U.S. Shipping Board, crew returned by U.S. Consul @ Seville, Spain"

Juan BERSOZA born 1897 Philippines arr via Finland 6/13/1921 fireman 7/18/1921

Apolonio BICENIO born Manila Philippines arr via Walter D. Munson 9/17/1920 Ref: page 303 "stowaway, was in U.S. before Sept 1919 Brooklyn NY destination: Navy Yard Bay bridge Brooklyn intending to stay in U.S. 4 yrs I.D. on left under arm"  "admitted” “occupation: cook rel Juan Bicenio Sta Cruz Manila"  "Note this man claims to be a Philippino but has proof of birth signed Inspector" "last place of residence: Manilla, Philopino Sol"(Filipino soldier? WW1 veteran?-M.E.Embry); page 0019 “admitted; occupation:cook Rel Juan

Candido BILARMINO born 1895 Philippines; arr via Hinckley 9/11/1921 AB; via America coal passer 5/13/1922 6/17/1922 “wages $50”

Tahir BEN BILUN born 1898 Philippines; arr via Manuel Calvo 8/12/1915

Nicolas BILLARDIS born 12/22/1896 Manilla, Philippines arr via Mongolia 5/13/1920; "Union Headquarters Portland, Oregon”

Constantino BLACK born 1/15/1904 Sta Cruz, Philippines; arr via Cameronia 12/25/1921; via President Garfield messboy 8/1/1922; via Kroonland messboy 8/13/1922 9/17/1922

Apolonio BLANCO born 9/5/1903 Philippines arr via Kroonland 9/24/1924 “crew of Finland deserted @ Canal 9/4/1924; deported LPC; deported from Canal zone”  47 Sand St. Brooklyn

Mariano BLANCO born 1900 Philippines arr via Kroonland 8/13/1922 wiper 9/17/1922

Juan BOLIVAR born 3/23/1896 Illorla (?) Philippines arr via Vasari 11/19/1920

Nicolas BOSCONGALLO born 1886 Philippines arr via Tongrier AB sailor 8/12/1919; via Lake Folcroft 12/11/1920 2/19/1921; via Hincley 9/11/1921 AB; via America coal passer 5/13/1922 6/17/1922

Felipe BUENCAMINO Jr born 5/13/1886; arr via Imperator 9/6/1920 w/ wife; member Phil legislature 1931-1934; (Felipe, 3rd son-in-law of President Manuel Quezon)

Maria (Mrs.) Buencamino born 3/31/1886 Manila, Philippines; arr via Imperator 9/6/1920 w/ husband

Bernardo A. BUNUAN born 1894 Philippines; arr via Steel Exporter 2/4/1921; via Finland 5/4/1921 11/7/1921; via Mongolia 11/24/1921  1/1/1922 2/17/1922 7/19/1922  8/22/1922 9/16/1922 3/21/1923 4/25/1923; via Montana 5/28/1922; via Leviathan 8/13/1923 9/25/1923 10/15/1923 11/3/1923 11/26/1923; via President Harding 1/20/1924
Source: 1930 NY census House#74 Dwelling #44 family#380  resident of Johnson St Track 11 Block J 1st Assembly District Brooklyn Kings County NY 37y; native language-Spanish; clerk @ the Post Office; birthplace-Philippines; war veteran (WW1-M.E.Embry); Head of Household living w/ two brothers-Pedro & Bibiano
Source: Soldier's Bonus Correspondence(1921-1938) Dept of Defense Adj Gen Office(WW1); Box #4 Bunuan, Bernardo A., 1933 (2 items)

Nellie (Mrs) Bunuan born 1905 Southampton England; arr via Leviathan 6/30/1924 “husband Bernardo” 718 E 12th NY; married 2/10/1923

Manuel BUSTAMANTE born 1901 Philippines “mother Tomasa “334 W 31st St. NYC; arr Minnekahda 7/29/1924 asst cook "birthplace:P.I."; Caution:another sailor w/ a similar- name-Manuel Bustamante(a Peruvian)

F. BUYO arr via Mangore AB seaman 2/14/1919; via Somme 2/3/1921 “Philippino” “mother- D. Oberna Balasan Iloilo Philippines




                By: Rio Alma


“Sa lupa, ang sisne ay gansa.”

Sa gitna ng alon, ang lupa ay buwan,
Inaabang-abangan mo
Pagdilim sa kubyerta ng barko.
Sumusungaw itong maaliwalas at pagas
Ngunit maaaninawan mo ng pilapil
At isang batang may amorseko sa bibig
O kaya'y maguguhitan mo ng kubo,
Dinudukwang ng dampalit,
Nakalugmok sa lansa ng tamad na burak.
Agad tinatablan sa tatlong tagay,
Isang kasama kong Waray
Ang laging sumisigaw ng "Inday!"
At pinipilit hagkan ang mukha ng buwan.
Matatawa ka
Pero isipin mo kung di ka mabuwang
Pag nasa dagat nang napakatagal.

Kaya para kang nakawala sa kural
Pagdaong kahit saan:
Kong Kong, Dubai, Nicosia, Oslo.
Maiisip mo kasi,
Baka ito na ang huling gabi
At ayaw mong mabitin;
Baka sa susunod, pagkain ka ng pating.
May magsabi man noon,
Di mo isasaloob ang lahat ng ito pag-aplay
Lalo't mahilig kang makipagsapalaran.
Pumipila ka nga sa Agency
Na nagdarasal na sana'y makapasa;
Nangangalog ang tuhod pag masungit ang Kapitan.
Noon pala, mas manginginig ka
Pag sinisiklot ng ga-bahay na alon
At mas magdarasal ka sa lahat ng santo
Pag napasok sa bakbakan ng misil at kanyon.

Mahirap talagang mabuhay, kabayan.
Kikita ka ng konting dolyar,
Makararating kung saan-saan,
(Parang turista, kaya dapat may kamera ka.)
Pag-uwi mo, bida ka sa tagayan,
Pero pati buto mo'y mangangalirang naman
At kakapal ang sikmura sa langis at kalawang.
May kable nga kanina ang manedyer naming Greko:
Papasada pa kami sa Alaska
At malamang doon kami mag-Pasko.
Maganda ang buwan dito, pilak na pilak;
Nagpadala ka na ba sa atin ng krismas kard?






“On land, swans are geese.”


Among the waves, the moon is land.

You watch for it

As the lights are turned down in the mess.

Quietly it rises, splendid, faded,

But you’ll glimpse in its face rice paddies

And a boy with a stem of amorseko at his lips,

Or you might trace a nipa hut

Weighed by the vines of dampalit,

On its knees in fetid, indolent silt.

Three shots and the whisky goes to your head,

I’ve sailed with a Waray

Who’d always cry for “Inday!”

And pucker his lips to kiss the moon.

You laugh

But who won’t go crazy

On extended stints at sea?


That’s why you’re like an unbridled horse

When you dock at any port:

Hong Kong, Dubai, Nicosia, Oslo.

Because you’ll tell yourself

This night might be the last

And you won’t settle for half the fun,

Next time you might be shark-fodder.

If anyone warned you then

You didn’t heed it when you applied for the job—

After all you were the adventurer, the risk-taker.

You even queued up at the placement agency,

Prayed hard to be hired;

Your knees trembled when the Captain looked harsh.

But soon you found out you’d quake even more

When the waves were as big as houses,

And you called on all the saints

When your ship got caught between cannon fire and missiles.


Well, life is hard, Kabayan.

You earn a few dollars,

You get to see distant lands,

(Make like a tourist, bring a camera).

When you get back home, you hold court at the drinking table,

But then, even your bones get bleached

And your chest congests from the oil fumes and rust.

I just received a cable from our Greek manager:

We’ll be sailing to Alaska

And might have to spend Christmas there.

The moon is pretty here, real silver;

Have you sent the folks back home a Christmas card?




Rio Alma is the pseudonym of Virgilio S. Almario, who was conferred the Order of National Artist for Literature in 2003. He has written more than 25 books of poetry and criticism. His latest book is the epic Huling Hudhud (Ng Sanlibong Pagbabalik at Paglimot Para sa Filipinas Kong Mahal), or The Last Hudhud, A Thousand Songs of Forgetting & Returning to the Philippines, Land of My Heart.






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