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Filipino Arrivals @ Ellis Island

Filipino Arrival Names S

Filipino Arrivals @ Ellis Island
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Filipinos w/ names of ships & arrival dates @ Ellis Island

Ships’crew fireman, coal passer, water tender, wiper, oiler, steward, musician, cook, waiter, mess crew

Seamen 1) OS Ordinary Seaman 2) AB Able-Bodied Seaman; skilled sailor 3) Bosun Boatswain; foreman 3rd or fourth mate

Posted in yellow highlights are the names of individuals w/ ship manifest records I was not able to examine in details and therefore need further research, although the Ellis Island Foundation had listed their ethnicities as Filipinos (Notes by M.E. Embry)


Pedro SABANALAN born 1891 Philippines arr via America 5/13/1922 fireman; via S.S. Kerhonkson 7/20/1922 fireman

Inocencio SABIDO born 1898 Philippines arr via Collamer 2/7/1924 3/26/1924 5/27/1924 8/6/1924 10/9/1924

Daniel M. SABIO born 1881 Philippines arr via Hincley 9/11/1921 Bos’n

Pedro Sablan born 1864; arrived 5/3/1904 via Catania; destination NY

Martin SAGARBARRIA born 1880 Nueva Caceres arr via Crofton Hall 7/22/1916 "capt of vessel" family in Cebu, Philippines (Facundo Sagarbarria-Sp Gov-Gen grdfather of Sect Raul Sagarbarria Roco of Naga City; Nueva Caseres or Camarines now Naga City-capital of Camarines Sur

Sixto SALANGSANG born 1897 Philippines arr via Cantigny 10/5/1920 via Manchuria 11/24/1920 via Finland 6/13/1921 7/18/1921 via Reliance 9/14/1923 oiler; via Cleveland 11/23/1924 resident of Manila Philippines

Egnacio SALLARIA born 1894 Philippines arr via Aledo 5/21/1919

A.K. SALMOYEN born 1887 Philippines arr Eastern King 9/3/1922 fireman "deserted @ Barry. 10/13/1922"

Pedro SALONO born 1878 arr via Etruria 5/7/1899; as passenger; occupation:sailor; 21y; single; last residence Liverpool

S.C. SALSADO born Philippines arr via S.S. Eastern Scout 11/21/1923 coal passer; “mother Antigum” wages “$60”

Luis SALVADOR born 1901 Philippines arr via Pres Van Buren 9/18/1923 mess boy

Luis SAMSON born 1900 Philippines arr Pres Harding 11/17/1922

F. SANCHEZ born 1891 Philippines arr via Western Scout 11/21/1923 crew member; via West Eldara 4/28/1924 7/18/1924 A.B. seaman "7 Summit St Brooklyn N.Y."

Vivencio SAN JUAN born 1896 Philippines arr via Walter A. Luckenbach 6/30/1921 oiler

Alejandro SAN LUIS born 1900 Philippines arr via Editor mess boy via Eglantine 2/27/1924

Eugenio SAN LUIS born 1894 Philippines arr via Cedric 6/25/1918 10/1/1918 via Baltic 11/9/1918 via Belgic 8/26/1919 via East Indian  2/22/1920 5/15/1920  via Minnesota 8/13/1920 via Montana 12/20/1921 5/28/1922 via Steel Exporter 7/11/1921 via Pres Garfield 8/1/1922 via Pres Van Buren 10/31/1922  jobs-mess boy mess man fireman “mole side F.H.”

Felino SANTIAGO born 1889 Philippines arr via Kroonland 7/18/1923 crew 8/22/1923

J. SANTILLAN born 1902 Philippines arr via Endicott 2/9/1923 wiper “name of brother Hemo of Masbate” (Philippines)

Pedro SANTILLAN born 1899 Philippines arr via Hinckley 9/11/1921 mess boy

Pastor SAPINOSO born Philippines arr via Kroonland 9/17/1922 “hospital”

Placido SARIN born 1895 Philippines arr via Lake Benton 6/10/1920 via Hincley 9/11/1921 via America 5/13/1922 coal passer 6/17/1922 via Kroonland 11/27/1922 1/27/1923 via Southern Cross 6/11/1923

Calibho SATERO born 4/23/1896 Philippines arr via Katherine 5/3/1920 seaman

Gregorio SEJA born 1893 Philippines arr via Kroonland 7/18/1923 8/22/1923 9/26/1923 wiper

Christopher SERRANO born 1896 Philippines arr via Ruth 4/11/1919 12/4/1919 3rd asst engineer “tattoo star right hand”; 4/13/1920 via Pres Van Buren 7/18/1922 via Southern Cross 11/4/1922 12/24/1922 via Pan America 3/20/1923 via Mount Clay 10/1/1923 11/12/1923 water tender

Antonio O. SIAGO born 1899 Philippines arr via Deepwater 2/23/1920via Acropolis 11/11/1921 waiter; via Eglantine 8/19/1923 11/2/1923 "2nd cook 6 yrs service"; 2/27/1924 5/1/1924 via Independence Hall 8/23/1924 11/22/1924 2nd cook

Juan SIBALAS born 1884 Philippines arr via Manchuria 11/24/1920 crew

Angelo SIDORO born 1892 Philippines arr via Liberty 1/21/1924 “132 Hamilton St. Brooklyn NY” 3/22/1924 2nd cook

Ignacio SILIORIA born 1891 Philippines arr via Kroonland 9/26/1923 mess boy

Feliciano Dela Cruz SIGNO born 1897 Philippines arr via Philadelphia 6/8/1920 via Santa Leonora 3/16/1921 via S.B. Harkness 7/11/1921 9/25/1921 10/15/1921 via Saugus 12/22/1922  via Pipestone County 8/10/1923 10/21/1923 via Olen  1/14/1924 3/22/1924 5/20/1924 7/18/1924 9/13/1924 11/10/1924 via Schodack 11/1/1924

Jerome W. SILVESTRE born 1881 Philippines arr via Kermoor 12/16/1919 ch cook “Tat L f.a.”

Pascual SIM born 1903 Philippines arr via Endicott 2/9/1923 crew

Bernardo SOLANO born 1895 Philippines arr via Finland 5/22/1922 6/25/1922 AB seaman; via America 3/6/1922 5/13/1922 fireman “wages $63.75

Manuel SOLER born 1892 Philippines arr via Carmania 5/31/1914 merchant "home: 112 Escolta St Manila”; via Antonio Lopez 1/15/1918 "1st cabin passenger #0006" "possession:$100 letter of credit & $1,000.00" brother R.Soler (Notes by M.E. Embry-passenger #0007 Pablo Casals)

Sotero SORIANO born 1897 Philippines Walter A. Luckenbach arr 6/30/1921”deserted @ Hamburg 6/19/1921; oiler”

J.V. SOTELO born 1905 Philippines arr via Liberty 11/13/1923 mess boy "failed to join" "7 Summit St Brooklyn NY"

Sotero C. SOVIANO born 1895 Philippines arr via Cedric 5/17/1918 6/25/1918 fireman

Arcadio SUANSING born 1/9/1900 Philippines arr via Katherine 5/3/1920 seaman

Diego SUAREZ born 1896 Philippines arr via America 8/20/1921 9/22/1921 mess man 10/24/1921 6/26/1923 12/15/1923 Eng Yeoman

Sultan of Sulu born 1866 arrived via St. Louis 9/24/1910 from Cherbourg France “Malasian Jolu Is” Ref text manifest page 0442 & page 234(other passengers: Dato Raja Moda, 31y, Hadji P. Taher 55y, Hadji M. Faib 47y, Hadji G. Rasul 17y; Maydno Salip 27y) (“Raja Muda” prince in line of succession; “Hadji” someone who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca -notes by M.E. Embry)

Juan SUMULONG born 11/27/1874 Antipolo Rizal Philippines arr via Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse 7/5/1910 "Ayuntamiento, Manila; lawyer; was in NY 1904" member Phil Senate (1925-), journalist, educator maternal grdfather of Pres. Corazon Sumulong Cojuangco Aquino

Eriberto SUTIS born 8/15 Philippines arr via Katherine 5/3/1920 boatswain

Raynard SYQUIA born 9/29/1889 Manila Philippines arr via Saxonia 10/12/1919 w/ wife "405 Juan Luna Manila resident"

Edith SYQUIA born 1888 Edinburh Scotland arr via Saxonia 10/12/1919 w/ husband


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