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Filipinos Gone to Ellis Island - aqwn04 - Generated by Ancestry Family Tree

Selected Families and Individuals



Source:Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, award-winning Phil-Am writer & author, in her online travelblog

Teodoro Rafael YANGCO

arr via George Washington 6/30/1924 with Lucio & Simplicio Godino(his adopted Pilipino siamese twins) and T.Arturo Cabacungan

Pilipino member of the U.S. Congress while serving as the Resident Commissioner from the Philippines (1917-1920)
educated in the Phil(Ateneo,UST) & England (1882-1886)
business magnate, benefactor & philanthropist
one of the financiers of the Philippine Herald newspaper in 1920
Philippine Chamber of Commerce, member Board of Directors 1903
owner of Basaar Siglo XX
named in his honor:Order of De Molay International Teodoro Yangco Chapter of Olongapo, Zambales
Yangco Market in Divisoria
Teodoro R. Yangco Elem School, Yangco St. (Gagalangin) in Tondo, Manila
Teodoro Memorial Church (UCCP); Yangco Transportation San Antonio Zambales
T.R. Yangco High School, T.R. Yangco educational Institute
listed in the 1920 Washington D.C. Census as a resident T625_210 page 2B ED167 image 0529

Simplicio Joseph GODINO

arr via George Washington 6/30/1924 w/ Teodoro Yangco; ship manifest born "3/2/1908 Sulat Phil Is"

AKA Godino or Godina Siamese Twins with his twin(Pygopagus-positioned back to back & joined @ the base of the spine)brother Lucio.
They were on Coney Island sideshow circuit @ 11 yrs old until adopted by Teodoro Yangco after Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children(SPCC) published their complaint that the twins had no official guardian. Teodoro Yangco, the diplomat-philanthropist provided them w/ good education.
Later, after the twins marriage (1929) to identical non-conjoined twin sisters-Natividad (Simplicio) & Victorina (Lucio), they all performed in vaudeville acts in North & South America. They were accomplished bandleaders, dancers, roller skaters
Time 12/7/1936 issue "Siamese Severed"
twins "firmly bound @ the tail bones by a link of muscle, fibre and intestine.Simplicio's digestive tract ended in a blind pocket of gut about half an inch short of where it should have ended. He drained through the connecting link into his Brother Lucio's normal colon".
Lucio died in York Hospital after contracting pneumonia in 11/1936. Dr. Hippolyte Marcus Wertheim performed an emergency surgery to separate the healthy Simplicio from the dead body of his twin brother.
(within a few days Simplicio would also die of cerebro-spinal meningitis)
Listed in the 1920 Wash D.C. Census "ward of Teodoro Yangco"
Listed in the 1930 Manhattan New York Census w/ their wives(Natividad & Victorina) "actor theatrical" "Actress theatrical"
other source "open for research" 14 photos The Musicians Collection Henry Ransom Humanities Research Center The University of Texas @ Austin RLIN Record ID TXRC 99-417

Natividad MOTOS

twin sister of Victorina

Lucio John GODINO

arr via George Washington 6/30/1924 w/ Teodoro Yangco

(see notes for his Siamese twin brother,Simplicio Godino)

Victorina MOTOS

twin sister of Natividad


resident of Bulacan, Philippines


arr via Montevideo 6/10/1911, a stenographer


arr via Endicott 2/9/1923

Victorino CAYUSA

Manila, Philippines resident


resident of Cavite, Phil


arr via Endicott 2/9/1923 cook & baker
via Sarcoxie 3/26/1923 (chief cook) 6/6/1923 (steward) 8/14/1923 ("service 10 yrs") 10/16/1923 12/24/1923
via Independence Hall 8/23/1924 11/22/1924 steward


arr via Western Scout 11/21/1923 coalpasser